Pupil Premium

Strategic spending of the Pupil Premium grant will ensure that pupils receive support and intervention tailored to their needs. Pupils eligible for Pupil Premium support will be clearly identified across all year groups.

Core beliefs and Values:

At Chiltern Academy we believe that every pupil has the right to an outstanding education regardless of their background, personal characteristics or circumstances.  Pupils who come from economically and socially disadvantaged backgrounds will make outstanding progress at our school.  Our aim is that pupils in receipt of the pupil premium funding, will make significantly better progress than their non-disadvantaged counterparts nationally.

A review of the academic performance and progress of students in receipt of pupil premium funding nationally will shape our approach to the use of the funding.  It is clear that there is far greater variance between-schools, than there is within-schools.  Pupils in receipt of pupil premium funding make excellent progress when they attend schools where all pupils make excellent progress.  Pupils in receipt of pupil premium funding make less than expected progress when all pupils make less than expected progress.

At Chiltern Academy we believe that pupils in receipt of pupil premium funding will achieve well if they attend an excellent school where all pupils achieve.  Our rationale for all pupil premium spending will be to prioritise that there is an outstanding whole-school culture and ethos where all pupils thrive.  We will prioritise high quality teaching and learning and ensure that the daily experience for all pupils is consistently excellent.


Potential barriers for disadvantaged pupils at Chiltern Academy:

Disadvantaged students at Chiltern Academy face many of the same barriers which disadvantaged students do nationally.  There are also some barriers more specific to our pupils.  Whilst every child’s circumstances are different, here are the key barriers to learning we will focus on removing at Chiltern:

  • Behaviour and safety: Recognised nationally as a key barrier for disadvantaged pupils. Luton is a working-class town which can present challenging circumstances for our children.  Many of our pupils are vulnerable to learning poor behaviours
  • Attendance: Recognised nationally as a key barrier for disadvantaged pupils. Due to the specific catchment details of the school, many of our pupils travel very far to attend school.
  • Low aspirations: Recognised nationally as a key barrier for disadvantaged pupils.
  • Limited enrichment and social capital: Many of the children in Luton have very limited exposure to enriching experiences which improve their social capital
  • Low literacy and reading levels: 43% of pupils at Chiltern Academy are EAL. Many of our pupils start secondary school with a reading age below what is expected for their age.  We recognise the importance of improving literacy and reading levels and early intervention to improve access to the wider curriculum.
  • Academic support at home: We are fortunate to have incredibly supportive parents, though we recognise that not all families are able to support their child’s academic progress. We will endeavour to provide as much support in school for pupils in that situation.

Click here to download the full 'Chiltern Academy Pupil Premium rationale and spend' document.

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