Curriculum Overview

The school, although being a ‘Free School’, will follow the National Curriculum, and with specialist areas of Sport and Engineering, and with a much greater emphasis on business and enterprise links. 

Within the framework of the National Curriculum, we will develop a personalised and inclusive curriculum.  This curriculum will be fairly traditional at Key Stage 3 and Key Stage 4, and will follow the existing model that works so successfully in our two outstanding secondaries – particularly at Key Stage 4.  This wealth of experience and expertise will be shared within our new Free School.  We will use our existing strengths in science and engineering, and introduce more focus on business links – with the focus on the reduction and elimination of NEETS and the creation of apprenticeships.  The traditional curriculum will be tweaked to incorporate slightly more innovative and exciting pathways within our specialist areas of sport, engineering and business. 

We have already met with several key businesses and companies about our new school and will look to make very strong links with Luton businesses, with reference to employment possibilities for our leavers, to apprenticeships, to mentoring from business and to working on a modern work-related curriculum for our pupils.

Our focus on standards will be relentless, in the same way as our existing secondaries within the Chiltern Learning Trust.

Our curriculum will be designed to support all young people to become someone who:

  • enjoys learning, now and in the future
  • always strives to achieve the very best in everything they do
  • thinks carefully about the consequences of their actions on other people
  • is well-prepared for life after school
  • has the knowledge, understanding and skills to be a responsible citizen and lead a successful and happy life regardless of where they live.

Our curriculum will provide for flexible learning around a well-balanced core of knowledge and skills. We will provide courses and progression routes to enable students to realise their full potential. 

Spiritual, moral, social and cultural values will play an important part in all aspects of the curriculum and we will have a strong focus on reading, writing, communication and mathematics; this combination supports progress and outcomes for all students and will allow them to access the curriculum more fully. 

As well as academic success, we also recognise the importance of the wider curriculum in extending interpersonal and communication skills, team work and flexibility through students’ experience.  We will provide many activities which ensure that learning is nurtured through rich and varied experiences beyond the classroom.  We will provide educational visits, clubs, sporting opportunities, field trips, master classes, competitions, fundraising events, theatre trips and music workshops amongst many others.

Our curriculum will prepare students well for life in modern Britain. We will consciously promote a tolerant, equal, democratic, British community. This will be specifically addressed in the taught curriculum through the ideas of Britain as a democratic society, with students as members of that society and through the ideas of tolerance and equality, (RE and Citizenship). The ethos and values of the school will also be promoted through PSCHE and SMSC and will also strengthen and support this view

Spiritual, moral, social and cultural education will be promoted in a variety of ways through;

  • the subject and pastoral curriculum
  • excellent support and guidance
  • carefully planned and delivered assemblies
  • our programme for PSHCE
  • our careers education, enterprise and work experience programme.

Through this overarching aspect of the curriculum all students will be made aware of different forms of bullying, including cyber-bullying and prejudice-based bullying (including homophobic, biphobic, transphobic, sexist, racist and disability based) and what the school’s policy is concerning this. Parents will also be kept aware of these issues and have access to all school policies on the school website.

There will be a continuous programme of Personal, Social and Health Education throughout the children’s time at Chiltern Academy.  Our vision clearly demonstrates the key qualities we want our young people to possess.  Similarly, we have well developed procedures and sensitivities about the promotion of British Values and anti-radicalisation – these are essential in the Luton community, and we have considerable expertise in this area within our Trust.

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