Key Stage 3

The children will follow a traditional secondary curriculum, with an enhanced focus on technology, business and sport. Children will spend 40% of their curriculum on the core subjects of English, Maths and Science. The school will provide specialist teaching in all areas, and this is where being part of the Trust will really benefit the children.

English, Maths and Science

Here the children will follow the excellent grounding from within the primary setting.  Pupils that are ready will receive increased push and be exposed to fully specialist teaching.  The curriculum will follow that of the highest achieving schools in the Trust, and will be well resourced.  Pupils requiring support and intervention will receive this upon entry to our school.


History, Geography, Religious Education, Personal and Social Education

Children will receive a full education in how our world works, and be taught the positive values all children need within our society.  Again, this will be taught by secondary specialists.


Science, Technology, Computers, Business, Engineering

It is vital we prepare our children for a rapidly changing world.  Chiltern Academy will prepare the children for the world of work, whilst also focussing upon the skills of imagination, creativity, teamwork and thinking skills.


PE & Sport, Music, Drama and Dance

In both lessons and enrichment, we believe sport and the arts really helps children to learn and also enjoy school.  Our specialist staff will be employed to provide wonderful opportunities in all these areas for our children.

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