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Google Classroom Codes

Codes to join the google classroom:

These are in teaching classes rather than form groups.

All pupils should join the google classroom corresponding to their teaching group. The codes for these are listed below.  

Year 7 Year 8 Year 9
Teaching Class Code Teaching Class Code Teaching Class Code
ASPIRATIONAL yu5auba 81 cnjb5qn 91 nw2sdde
CONFIDENT ikcengg 82 zyfyuee 92 azwxymb
DETERMINED rki673z 83 s6l6z4u 93 igjnzto
EMPATHETIC 4u5iyq4 84 xezihbj 94 44veeny
EXCELLENCE t3faneu 85 3zrlf2i 95 qox5oea
INQUISITIVE ifui6h7 86 i5uss5n 96 azmcsiv
INSPIRATIONAL vyr5ecx 87 f7ltkqy 97 euowxvx
INTEGRITY xrnlhee 88 e3gnves 98 4or74vm
MOTIVATED dly3a3i 89 mqg5jhg 99 cbubvqx


Self isolation classrooms - pupils should join these if they are off self-isolating.


Please ensure your child has joined the google classroom which has been set up for self-isolation periods. The codes are listed below.


Year 7: giiyvrd
Year 8: y44bwts
Year 9: c3sl2vz

These are populated with two weeks worth of lessons for each of your child's subjects. Whilst at home, they should follow their normal timetable and complete the tasks set for those subjects. 

Please ensure your child submits the work on the google classroom when they have completed it. 

If your child does not have access to the internet or a device please get in touch with the school as soon as possible.