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Committed to excellent standards of teaching in partnership with a variety of local and national organisations contributing towards system-wide improvement.

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The school has a wide range of policies covering many different aspects of school management and provision.

Here are our key policies:

Chiltern Academy Policies 2019 -2020

CA Behaviour Policy and procedures

CA Behaviour Policy Addendum

CA Data Protection Policy including CCTV

CA Feedback and Assessment Policy

CA Health and Safety Handbook

CA Higher Learning Potential Policy

CA Home School Agreement From CA Student Learning Toolkit 2018-2019

CA Internet Email Acceptable Use

CA Mobile Phone and Mobile Device Policy

CA Safeguarding Policy including Child Protection

CA School Dog 

CA Sex and Relationship Education Policy

CA Special Education Need and Disability Policy

CA Teaching For Learning

CA Uniform

Chiltern Learning Trust Policies 2019 - 2020

CLT Admission Arrangements with effect from Sept 2019

CLT Admission Arrangements with effect from Sept 2020

CLT Admission Arrangements with effect from Sept 2021

CLT Appraisal Policy

CLT Bullying Harassment Procedure Policy

CLT Charging and Remission Policy

CLT Child Protection addendum updated 26_05_20

CLT Code of Conduct approved by Board

CLT Complaints Policy

 CLT Conflict of Interest Policy

CLT Data Protection Policy

CLT Data Retention Policy for Schools in Trust

CLT Disciplinary Procedure

CLT Drugs Alcohol Policy

CLT Equality policy and Accessibility plan

CLT Fraud Policy

CLT Freedom of Information Policy

CLT Grievance Policy

CLT Guidance for Safer Working Practices

CLT Health and Safety Policy

CLT Internet Email Acceptable Use Policy

CLT Investment policy

CLT  Keeping children safe in education

CLT Leave of Absence Policy

CLT Organisational Change

CLT Pay Policy 2019

CLT Principal accounting policies

CLT Procedures for workers who face allegations of child abuse

CLT Reserves Policy

CLT Risk Management Policy and Strategy

CLT Safeguarding policy including Child Protection

CLT Scheme of Delegation

CLT Special Education Needs and Disability Policy

CLT Sickness Absence

CLT Social Media Policy

CLT Trustees and governors allowance scheme

CLT Volunteering in Schools Policy

CLT Whistleblowing Policy