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Committed to excellent standards of teaching in partnership with a variety of local and national organisations contributing towards system-wide improvement.

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At Chiltern Academy we adopt a broad and balanced curriculum that meets the needs and interests of all pupils and promotes high levels of progress, attainment, increased cultural capital and enhanced personal development leading to successful progression to the next stages of learning.

Meeting the needs of pupils with special educational needs are the responsibility of all teachers and teaching staff and their needs are usually met through a differentiated curriculum. The SENCO will support staff to meet these needs. We operate a graduated response to supporting all pupils including those with additional learning needs, the initial response being through Quality First Teaching. Further detail is included in our SEND Policy.

We implement a personalised curriculum to bridge the gaps in knowledge and skills and tailor it to the individual needs of our learners.

Key features of our SEND curriculum include;

  • Support sessions
  • Tailored Schemes of work for English and Maths
  • Phonics curriculum (Luton Literacy Improvement Programme).
  • Enrichment activities and visits

We are proud of the support that we provide to our learners and are committed to facilitating rapid progress in learning whatever the starting point.

These values are appreciated by stakeholders and were eminent in the feedback from our SEND Review 2019.


  • “Every child is noticed for their qualities.”
  • “The teachers are focused on all pupils.”
  • “Family orientated school approach.”
  • “Staff have been non-judgmental towards children.”
  • “Extra-curricular activities are excellent.”
  • “Rewards system is good as it praises effort and not just achievement.”