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“In 2018 Luton will need 180 extra secondary school places.”

The Chiltern Academy will be run by the Trust that already runs Luton’s two highest performing secondary schools.


    ●       What are the school’s starting/finishing times?

    • 08:45 a.m. Registration
    • 09:05 a.m. Lesson 1
    • 10:05 a.m. Lesson 2
    • 11:05 a.m. Break
    • 11:20 a.m. Lesson 3
    • 12:20 p.m. Lunch
    • 01:20 p.m. Registration
    • 01:30 p.m. Lesson 4
    • 02:30 p.m. Lesson 5
    • 03:30 p.m. End of Lessons
    • 03:40 p.m. Tutorials, revision classes, and extracurricular activities
    • 04:40 p.m. End of Tutorials


    ●       Will there be a breakfast/ afterschool club?

    o  There will be opportunities for the children to study at school before and after school as well as after-school clubs and enrichment activities. We will provide the opportunity to purchase breakfast at school before the school day begins.


    ●       What will the catchment be for the first year and will this change when the school moves to the new site?

    o   For admissions in September 2018, priority will be given to those living in the Denbigh High School catchment area as currently, not all catchment pupils are able to gain a place at Denbigh, however, this relates to around 40-50 applicants and Chiltern still has 240 places on offer.

    For admissions in September 2019, we are looking at operating a straight line distance policy, which therefore means that those closest to the school will have priority for a place over those living further away. The admission arrangements for September 2019 will be consulted on after the October half term.


    ●       What happens in the second year e.g. moving schools?

    o   The new building is forecast to be complete from May 2019 when we expect handover to the Trust. We will start to prepare for the school’s second Year 7 intake from September 2019 and we expect to also move the school’s first Year 7 students from York Street into the new building from that date as the school’s Year 8.


    ●       Will my child excel the same as if they attend Denbigh High School?

    o   Yes, we will model the curriculum and teaching on our best schools, Denbigh High School and Challney High School for Boys. Therefore the children will be exposed to the best teaching with a Trust team to continually quality assure the school.  The children will have similar extracurricular experiences too, as well as cross-Trust opportunities with children from all our schools. Our ethos will be aspirational. Therefore, children will excel at Chiltern Academy as they would in Denbigh or other outstanding schools.


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