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“In 2018 Luton will need 180 extra secondary school places.”

The Chiltern Academy will be run by the Trust that already runs Luton’s two highest performing secondary schools.

Why do we need a new school?

By September 2018, Luton will be short of nineteen forms of entry for the secondary schools in the Town. These students are already in Luton primary schools and the existing secondary schools are being asked to extend their admission number to help cope with this increase.
However, this will still leave Luton Borough very short of secondary school places. Luton will still need approximately 180 more secondary school places than will be available. As part of their analysis, Luton Borough Council has identified the need for a new co-education secondary school in the south/central area of the town because this is the area that will have the biggest shortage of secondary school places.
The development of the new Chiltern Academy will not only solve this shortage of places, but it will provide the
community with a newly built school, with excellent facilities, that is managed by the organisation that currently
runs the two highest performing secondary schools in the area.