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“In 2018 Luton will need 180 extra secondary school places.”

The Chiltern Academy will be run by the Trust that already runs Luton’s two highest performing secondary schools.


The Chiltern Learning Trust is responsible for the admission arrangements for the new school.
In its first year, the school will be located in the former Studio School buildings on York Street in Hightown, before relocating in September 2019 to its new buildings and permanent site which will then have been constructed on Gipsy Lane.
The Gipsy Lane site is located within the area of Luton that is currently within the catchment area for Stockwood Park Academy, and immediately adjacent to the catchment of Ashcroft. In order to avoid disruption to the current catchments for those schools in that area, we have proposed the use of Denbigh High School’s catchment as one of the new school’s oversubscription criteria for 2018/19 only. Denbigh High School is one of the Trust’s existing schools and families living to the south of its catchment, nearest to the York Street site, were again among those unsuccessful for a place this year.
The proposed catchment area for the new school will only impact admissions if the school is oversubscribed in its first year, which we don’t expect it to be. Parents can, of course, apply for a place at the school irrespective of where they live.
Later this year the Trust will consult separately on admission arrangements for the school from 2019/20 when the school will be open on its new site. From that point, the school’s admissions arrangements will reflect its new location and community.

September 2018 admissions

Download the list of roads in the Chiltern Academy catchment area.